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Looking To Sell?

Pay $0 up front - that's the No Sale No Fee Ferry Guarantee!

Save money and only pay when your property sells 

With the Ferry Property No Sale No Fee Ferry Guarantee, you only have to pay when your property sells.

In Townsville’s tough property market, the No Sale No Fee, Ferry Guarantee takes all of the risk out of selling your property, because you won’t pay a cent until your property sells! 

Our experienced agents will provide you with the best selling tools and techniques, but if for some reason your property doesn’t sell, you don't have to pay.

Our sales process includes:

  • Professional Photography – First impressions count, so we only use professional photography to promote your property;
  • Open Homes– We do not want to miss any potential buyers, so we will work with you to open your property as many times as possible throughout the campaign;
  • Online promotion – your property will be featured on major real estate websites, including:
  • Social Media– Our tailored online advertising uses social media to reach the right audience for your property;
  • Signage– Full colour 600mm x 900mm corflute For Sale sign; and
  • Homepass– Buyers receive an electronic brochure with all available information on your property; 

You’ll get all of this as part of a first class property sales package, but you only pay when your property sells!

That’s the No Sale No Fee Ferry Guarantee!

Our Terms and Conditions are simple:

  1. The client will pay the agent advertising and marketing costs of $990 plus GST (marketing costs) only if a contract of sale of the property is entered into with a buyer and settlement of the contract occurs.
  2. The marketing costs are payable on settlement of the contract.
  3. Further, in the event that the client:
    1. revokes the agent's appointment;
    2. withdraws the property from sale; or
    3. terminates the contract of sale;

    the client will pay the agent the marketing costs incurred by the agent, upon demand being made by the agent.

  4. The marketing costs include: Professional photographs,,,, Facebook, electronic brochure, signage and buyer data base.
  5. In the event that:
    1. the property does not sell; or
    2. the contract does not settle for any reason not related to any act or omission by the seller, 

    the client will NOT be responsible to pay for any marketing costs.

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